Facility Management & Aquatics Staffing Solutions

LIV North Aquatics provides a range of staffing solutions and programming options for any Multi-unit Residential or Residential High-Rise building branded as LIVXperience. 

LIVXperience is the combined talents from LIV North’s Aquatics Division, Fitness Division, Management Division and Service Division to provide the ultimate guest experience every time someone visits your buildings amenity space. Today’s condo and high-rise residential buildings require more than a staffing model to keep up to consumer demands in the post pandemic environment and LIVXperience is the solution.

Staffing Solutions are customised to your facilities requirements and include:
  • Professional Facility Management including onsite and virtual programming
  • Full Time / year-round facility staffing
  • Seasonal Staffing - Ambassadors or Lifeguards
  • Certified instructors and trainers

As part of Canada’s largest Fitness Management company, we provide unmatched resources and technology to ensure your residents and owners are treated to a professionally operated and programmed facility that rivals any professionally run fitness club or facility.  

Our Facility/ Amenity Solutions are all customised to your individual facilities requirements and include Professional Facility Management including onsite and virtual programming. All our instructors and trainers are up to date on the latest certifications and our managers are constantly receiving updates and training through our Nationwide management training programs. 


For over 45 years, LIV North Aquatics has been a leader in managing high rise residential facilities and have a solid understanding of what it takes to make these unique communities thrive. Community engagement is the essence of a successful condominium or apartment amenity, and it is dependant on solid programming, well trained staff and a successful operating model that meets the needs of all users. Combining the unmatched experience and professionalism of Canada’s largest fitness Management company (LIV North Fitness Management) with LIV North Aquatics understanding of the multi-unit residential market, ensures customer satisfaction measured through our high participation rates and active programs.

Mature man in flip flops cleaning the swimming pool with a vacuum cleaner.  Man working as a cleaner of the swimming pool, he standing with special equipment for cleaning at poolside and working

Our Commitment

  • Operate from a base of strong business principles and full transparency
  • Align with management and the boards objectives
  • Be passionate about fitness, wellness, and aquatics programming
  • Create an amenity space that promotes social connection and mental well-being
  • To comprise of a team of experienced fitness and aquatics professionals who possess the highest technical qualifications in the industry
  • Demonstrate a passion for customer service excellence
  • Take a high tech/high touch approach to fitness, wellness & aquatics management
  • Our proprietary operating procedures and policies guarantee service excellence and enable us to tailor our programs specifically to your needs
  • Bring experience in working in partnership with all property management stakeholders including security, facilities management, contracted services, board members
  • Provide an extensive suite of tools and operational policies and procedures to deliver on all aspects of program management and facility operations
  • Communicate monthly with calendars and activity schedules and provide regular reporting


LIV Xperience

The secret to our success is our proprietary Right Systems. The LIVXperience mission is to cultivate a healthy environment within your multi – unit residential community by delivering experiences that contribute to improving an individual’s vitality, productivity, and resilience.

LIVXperience packages include:
  • Complete Amenity Management
  • Condo Fitness Programming & Management
  • High Rise Residential Fitness Management
  • Indoor Pool Management & Programming
  • Seasonal Pool Management catered outdoor facilities
  • Fitness Programming
Portrait of male and female lifeguards holding rescue cans at poolside

Seasonal Pool Management & Staffing

LIV North Aquatics is fully equipped with a fleet of service vehicles, inventory of chemicals and accessories and supervisory vans that are dedicated to our seasonal pool operations. Before spring arrives, our trained aquatics team are ramped up to ensure your seasonal pools are “summerized” and ready for your patrons to maximize usage and enjoy the Summer Season.

The keys to our staffing programs are supporting our staff with in-house scheduling, geo tab check ins and daily communication. We supply:

  • Fully trained staff 
  • NLS & Standard SFA Certified Lifeguards
  • Extensive Off-Site & On-Site Staff Training
  • On-Site Staff Evaluations
  • Multi-Tier Supervision & 
  • Customer Satisfaction Management

Seasonal Pool Plans include:
  • Seasonal Staffing & Pool Management programs
  • Daily Maintenance programs customized to each facility
  • Combined pool, spa, fountain maintenance programs
  • Weekly drain, fill, and balance for spas
  • Monthly inspections
  • Pool Opening and Closing and chemical supply
  • Hybrid Maintenance Plans
  • Pool and Spa Operator Training programs


High Tech Solutions

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