Aquatics Staffing & Facility Management Solutions

LIV North Aquatics provides a quality experience through a range of staffing solutions and programming options catered to indoor and outdoor aquatic facilities and amenities.

As Canada’s largest Fitness Management company, we provide unmatched experience and resources to ensure your clients and all our patrons are treated to an excellent experience every time they visit our managed facilities. 

Staffing Solutions are customised to your facilities requirements and include:
  • Professional Facility Management including onsite and virtual programming
  • Full Time / year-round facility staffing
  • Seasonal Staffing - Ambassadors or Lifeguards
  • Certified instructors and trainers
outdoor pool opening crew

Our Mission

LIV North Aquatics mission is to cultivate a healthy culture within your multi – unit residential community by delivering experiences that contribute to improving an individual’s vitality, productivity, and resilience.

Our Commitment

  • Operate from a base of strong business principles and full transparency
  • Align with management and the boards objectives
  • Be passionate about fitness, wellness, and aquatics programming
  • Create an amenity space that promotes social connection and mental well-being
  • To comprise of a team of experienced fitness and aquatics professionals who possess the highest technical qualifications in the industry
  • Demonstrate a passion for customer service excellence
  • Take a high tech/high touch approach to fitness, wellness & aquatics management
  • Our proprietary operating procedures and policies guarantee service excellence and enable us to tailor our programs specifically to your needs
  • Bring experience in working in partnership with all property management stakeholders including security, facilities management, contracted services, board members
  • Provide an extensive suite of tools and operational policies and procedures to deliver on all aspects of program management and facility operations
  • Communicate monthly with calendars and activity schedules and provide regular reporting
Portrait of male and female lifeguards holding rescue cans at poolside

Aquatic Facility Staffing Includes:

  • Fully trained and certified staffing and pool ambassadors
  • NLS & Standard SFA Certified Lifeguards
  • Lifeguard recertification
  • Highest standard of training provided with CPR, First Aid
  • Surplus of trained Lifeguards to ensure immediate replacements, if required
  • Extensive Off-Site & On-Site Staff Training
  • On-Site Staff Evaluations
  • Multi-Tier Supervision & Customer Satisfaction Management


High Tech Solutions


LIV Xpress

LIV Xpress is a realtime customer experience management tool used by LIV Aquatics on our year-round contracts to focus on single or multiple areas of concern

Feedback is collected through a  variety of channels (touchless  terminals or QR Code Scan)  strategically placed within the pool area, fitness room or amenity space  and allow all users to rate their  experience.

Information can be reacted to immediately and reports can be updated daily, weekly or Monthly.

Questions can be changed or modified instantly through our central control and include a barcode feature for participants to expand their comments or report issues. 


LIV Xperience

The secret to our success is our proprietary Right Systems.

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