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Don’t Get Caught With A Pool That Has Not Been “Summerized”

Pool Summerization:

It is the process of draining, disinfecting, cleaning, and filling your outdoor pool with fresh chlorinated water. The purpose is to ready the pool for the summer season and remove the dirty standing water, debris and mould that forms over the winter. It does not mean your pool needs to open for use, just that you will not get caught with stagnant water!

Local bylaws are strict when it comes to stagnant water and the fines outweigh the cost to drain, clean and fill your pool. 


  • A natural breeding ground that can lead to the spread of mosquito born illnesses including: West Nile virus. Dengue fever, Viral Encephalitis. 
  • Forms of Bacteria can develop causing multiple ailments including E.Coli, Dysentery or Cholera.
  • A bad odor creates annoyance
  • Looking at a dirty or infested area creates unwanted tension for those who pass by.

Generally, a facility or home caught with stagnant water will get a week’s notice prior to fines, so do not get caught at the last minute.

Why You Shouldn’t Empty Your Pool and leave it empty

Pools get accustomed to the pressure caused by the weight of water. If this pressure is taken away, it can lead to serious damage to the pool floor, liner, and/or walls. Moreover, some facilities can “pop” out of the surface, while others can cave-in

LIV North Pool Summerization package includes:

  • draining, cleaning, and refilling so water can circulate with proper chemical levels
  • a start up quantity of chemicals if none are on hand. 
  • a complementary inspection to ensure everything is in good order. 

Your complete inspection, service will be reported to you electronically and your pools inventory of equipment will be stored on our cloud-based operating system in case an emergency happens.

Note: It is not imperative to turn on the heaters and we can arrange a reduced maintenance schedule to ensure the water is properly maintained while your facility decides what the summer schedule, if any, will be. 

HOW TO GET Started:

If you are already contracted with LIV North, you are on our schedule and you only need to activate it by letting us know.

If you are not a pool customer, LIV North has a variety of Summerizing options to meet your requirements including

  • Summerize only
  • Summerize and Winterize
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Monitoring and testing
  • Staffing and Lifeguarding

LIV North has already started preparing our seasonal contracted pools for the summer. We are busy with renovations and upgrades. Even though a pool is not opening until June or July, this is not the year to leave anything on your site that could cause potential for disease or infection. 

Contact us today. 416-665-0410 or aquatics@livnorth.com

It is documented that this virus will not be carried through water, so a healthy pool will be in high demand once we can return to activity. 

The LIV North team are committed to ensuring your facility is safe and clean for all your residents.

View our 2021 flyer below.

Fitness In The Palm Of Your Hand

 In 2019 the LIV X app was designed and implemented into LIV North’s managed facilities. This app is the main operating system for all management functions in the LIV North club facilities including PT, payments, scheduling, non-touch facility access, push notices and more. LIV North made a significant investment creating a digital platform to allow our programs to be used remotely by our corporate customers and fitness facility members. The app also has over 350 workout videos that are constantly being updated depending on usage patterns.

“Never did we anticipate that all the members we service would become remote. Fortunately, the LIV X app was in place in all our facilities across Canada.” states Lisa Kendall, Vice President, Amenities for LIV North.

In the last 4 weeks, since the start of this COVID-19 shut down the LIV X App has been used by more than 20,000 users. An amazing statistic since LIV X’s anticipated usage was an adjunct to our in-house programming. The LIV X app is being complemented by an almost full schedule of online and virtual classes being offered through our facility staff.  

Check out how easy it is to use the LIV X App. 

Another amazing statistic is that over 5,000 non members participated online over the last 4 weeks using a complimentary link to home videos.  As a courtesy, LIV North, in conjunction with our supplier MY123 have provided complimentary access to home exercise videos. This link contains 3 different series of professionally produced home exercise routines designed for the general population and active aging and a series of wellness classes.  All classes are being updated weekly.

Check out this link: https://player.wellnesssolutions.com.au/on-the-go-player/login

Username: livenorth@wellnesssolutions.com.au | Password: Mywellness1!

LIV X wants as many people as possible keeping active and staying in shape so use the attached link and try out some home classes.

LIV North is a Canadian company committed to keeping Canadians active and staying in shape. Please use the above link, try out some home classes or pass it on to a friend, colleague or member. Then keep in touch for our next phase! 

Let us stay healthy and come back Strong!

For more information, please contact:

Brian Townsend

National Sales Manager, LIV North Inc.


Direct: 416-665-9280


Special Fitness Equipment Inventory Release

Due to demands we are releasing our commercial inventory currently in stock and ready to ship with excellent pricing.

Inventory includes:

If you need assistance or would like to take advantage of the special pricing, please contact sales@livnorth.com.

Please note Delivery Only for all items.

Tips For Setting Up Your Home Gym

Our top 4 tips for success when setting up your home gym!

Choose a Space 

Whether you have the room in your home for a permanent “gym” or you push aside the coffee table and use your living room, having a planned space will instill a sense of routine from the beginning.

This space may vary depending on the type of workout (strength training vs yoga) or if you have family at home with you. Either way, try to avoid small, stuffy places with minimal natural light. When possible, choose a space apart from noise, people and other distractions (eg. the fridge).

Set Up Your Essentials

Decide what you need to start and complete your workout without having to leave the room. If you don’t have a permanent set up or dedicated room, sort out which items can be stored in/near your workout space and not be in the way when it’s not workout time.

Examples: Bluetooth speaker on the counter, yoga mat tucked under the couch, laptop on the bookshelf

Create a list of one-time use items needed for your workout so that you don’t get part way through and realize you forgot something: full water bottle, sweat towel.  This list may evolve as you go, so try to be open to change.

Create the Right Atmosphere

Workouts are inherently work, but they should be enjoyable too. Try to keep your space tidy and consider setting up motivational pictures or quotes, hanging or leaning a mirror on the wall and adding candles or an essential oil diffuser.

You can also boost your mood by choosing inspiring music and wearing your favourite workout clothes. This is your time and your private space, so feel free to bust out the neon sweat band and leg warmers!


The most useful tools that you need come included for free: your body, and gravity. There are endless workouts that can be done using your own bodyweight. You can supplement and modify bodyweight exercises using a sturdy chair, coffee table or countertop, stairs, a flat wall, broom stick and towel.

For the budget-minded person, household items such as soup cans, books, water/milk jugs filled with water, sand or pebbles, and various other items can be used to add resistance.

If you’ve got a little bit of cash, a single dumbbell and a resistance band are simple tools to add variety to an already large assortment of exercises you can do at home.

If you need assistance in space planning your designated area, the experts at LIV North Athletics division can provide you with a sample room layout and recommendations. 

Items to consider with your Class B pool during this current shut down.

With the rapidly evolving pandemic, we will continue to monitor developments and follow the guidance of local public health authorities, as well as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Although our head office, our Amenities office and Fitness offices have closed, our Aquatics division is still dispatching service and making repairs as required to maintain our accounts.  If you have any questions regarding your pool and/or fitness facilities, please contact us at the numbers or emails listed below.

During this time, please be assured that the LIV North, 24-hour emergency service line is open and operating. As we all know, breakdowns in your chemical systems can happen at any time regardless of usage, even though the likelihood is diminished.

After hours emergency: 416-665-0140 Ext #9

We have fielded many calls asking what to do with your pools and spas during this shut down. Below are some do’s and don’ts to provide some guidance. 

A very important clarification is that a pool closure does not necessarily mean shutting down filtration system and draining the pool. It simply means you cannot allow bathers in the pool or pool areas. If your pool has been drained and shutdown for more than 30 days an opening inspection is required by your local health inspector. In most cases, it is safer and more cost-effective to keep the pool running and balanced during this time. This will prevent potential damage to the pool/equipment and prevent biofilm, mold, algae or other outbreaks that will occur in stagnant water.

Recommended Guideline for your Pool / Spa during this shut down:

  • Do NOT drain the pool. The costs of re-filling a typical condominium pool can be between $1200-$1800 depending on the size of your pool. In addition a significant amount of damage can result if certain concrete pools are left without water pressure, this outward pressure forms part of the structure and can affect much more that the pool, this is why pools even for winterization are never fully drained. If your pool is built using a marblite style finish it can not stay drained under any circumstances. 
  • Do not stop basic maintenance of your pool and/ or spa. It is important to maintain proper chemical balances and ensure your system is running properly.
  • Do not delay in having repairs made to the system. Putting off basic repairs can lead to more expensive repairs in the future and may delay your re-opening once the go ahead is given. 
  • Keep water circulating! If pumps are equipped with Variable Speed Drives, the speed can be turned down significantly. This will conserve energy, but it is important to keep water circulating through the filter.
  • The set point on your heaters can be lowered to conserve energy, but you must consider the cost and time to re-heat the water. Check with our technician for an acceptable range.
  • Keep water balanced and chlorinated! Chlorine setpoints can be reduced to minimal (1-3 PPM). This is key to prevent biofilm, mold, and algae from forming.
  • You may not need to check chemical balance every 2 hours as mandated by code during this closure, but we recommend checking once a day minimum to ensure settings have not varied that would cause potential damage. For future records.
  • If you have not already done so, make sure you record the date of closure in your pool log and record all maintenance checks during the closure if you can. It will assist if any issues arise.
  • Prior to opening you pool and/or spa it is strongly recommended that your pool area be thoroughly cleaned, and wash by professionals. 
    • Pool & Pool Deck and surrounding area can be pressure washed with chlorine rinse.
    • Hot Tub cleaning includes draining, running the lines, cleaning the filter and pressure washing.
    • Changerooms should be disinfected in the same manner

Check the LIV North website for more details or call your provider.

Hot tubs:

  • Smaller hot tubs (non-concrete) can typically be drained, but all plumbing lines, pumps and especially filters should be drained of water to prevent biofilm and mold growth.
  • If not draining, follow the same recommendations as pools to keep circulating, filtering and chemically treated.

Outdoor Pools

Outdoor pool season is almost upon us and everyone is looking forward to the current restrictions being ended. There are many things you can do to prepare your pool, including making repairs in advance of the summer season. 

The earlier we can get in and shock the stagnant pool water the greater the level of comfort on the part of your owners and renters. Once the weather is warm in early April, this process can be started. 

It is important that you plan to start up these pools and keep them clean and treated similar to the guidance above and for the same reasons.

For additional information on the coronavirus (COVID-19) relating to public swimming pools, please visit the CDC website.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions or any concerns.

EMAIL: customercare@livnorth.com

Phone: 416-665-0410 Ext # 3

Website: https://livnorth.com/aquatics/

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