Items to consider with your Class B pool during this current shut down.

With the rapidly evolving pandemic, we will continue to monitor developments and follow the guidance of local public health authorities, as well as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Although our head office, our Amenities office and Fitness offices have closed, our Aquatics division is still dispatching service and making repairs as required to maintain our accounts.  If you have any questions regarding your pool and/or fitness facilities, please contact us at the numbers or emails listed below.

During this time, please be assured that the LIV North, 24-hour emergency service line is open and operating. As we all know, breakdowns in your chemical systems can happen at any time regardless of usage, even though the likelihood is diminished.

After hours emergency: 416-665-0140 Ext #9

We have fielded many calls asking what to do with your pools and spas during this shut down. Below are some do’s and don’ts to provide some guidance. 

A very important clarification is that a pool closure does not necessarily mean shutting down filtration system and draining the pool. It simply means you cannot allow bathers in the pool or pool areas. If your pool has been drained and shutdown for more than 30 days an opening inspection is required by your local health inspector. In most cases, it is safer and more cost-effective to keep the pool running and balanced during this time. This will prevent potential damage to the pool/equipment and prevent biofilm, mold, algae or other outbreaks that will occur in stagnant water.

Recommended Guideline for your Pool / Spa during this shut down:

  • Do NOT drain the pool. The costs of re-filling a typical condominium pool can be between $1200-$1800 depending on the size of your pool. In addition a significant amount of damage can result if certain concrete pools are left without water pressure, this outward pressure forms part of the structure and can affect much more that the pool, this is why pools even for winterization are never fully drained. If your pool is built using a marblite style finish it can not stay drained under any circumstances. 
  • Do not stop basic maintenance of your pool and/ or spa. It is important to maintain proper chemical balances and ensure your system is running properly.
  • Do not delay in having repairs made to the system. Putting off basic repairs can lead to more expensive repairs in the future and may delay your re-opening once the go ahead is given. 
  • Keep water circulating! If pumps are equipped with Variable Speed Drives, the speed can be turned down significantly. This will conserve energy, but it is important to keep water circulating through the filter.
  • The set point on your heaters can be lowered to conserve energy, but you must consider the cost and time to re-heat the water. Check with our technician for an acceptable range.
  • Keep water balanced and chlorinated! Chlorine setpoints can be reduced to minimal (1-3 PPM). This is key to prevent biofilm, mold, and algae from forming.
  • You may not need to check chemical balance every 2 hours as mandated by code during this closure, but we recommend checking once a day minimum to ensure settings have not varied that would cause potential damage. For future records.
  • If you have not already done so, make sure you record the date of closure in your pool log and record all maintenance checks during the closure if you can. It will assist if any issues arise.
  • Prior to opening you pool and/or spa it is strongly recommended that your pool area be thoroughly cleaned, and wash by professionals. 
    • Pool & Pool Deck and surrounding area can be pressure washed with chlorine rinse.
    • Hot Tub cleaning includes draining, running the lines, cleaning the filter and pressure washing.
    • Changerooms should be disinfected in the same manner

Check the LIV North website for more details or call your provider.

Hot tubs:

  • Smaller hot tubs (non-concrete) can typically be drained, but all plumbing lines, pumps and especially filters should be drained of water to prevent biofilm and mold growth.
  • If not draining, follow the same recommendations as pools to keep circulating, filtering and chemically treated.

Outdoor Pools

Outdoor pool season is almost upon us and everyone is looking forward to the current restrictions being ended. There are many things you can do to prepare your pool, including making repairs in advance of the summer season. 

The earlier we can get in and shock the stagnant pool water the greater the level of comfort on the part of your owners and renters. Once the weather is warm in early April, this process can be started. 

It is important that you plan to start up these pools and keep them clean and treated similar to the guidance above and for the same reasons.

For additional information on the coronavirus (COVID-19) relating to public swimming pools, please visit the CDC website.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions or any concerns.


Phone: 416-665-0410 Ext # 3


Social Togetherness

We’re all in this together. 

LIV North is proud of how our facility managers have responded since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Within a few days of all Client’s being required to shutdown fitness centres across the Country, LIV North staff began delivering their fitness & wellness programming remotely to our client’s members. In a time when everyone’s lives are disrupted, providing as much normality in our scheduling with the same friendly face and being able to bring a sense of community in a stressful time.

One corporate account, Rogers Communications, has always been deeply committed to keeping their employees as engaged and healthy as possible and during this time is no different.  Since the shutdown of their corporate fitness centres, LIV North immediately started engaging remotely with members, signing up over 200 people to a challenge on the first day. Today nearly 2,000 employees are engaged with online and virtual fitness classes.  These classes are not only being provided to members belonging to any of their corporate fitness facilities within the GTA and Montreal, but all employees. According to Lisa Kendall, VP, Amenities, LIV North “ the feedback from Rogers employees is inspiring and about ⅓ of  the people enrolled are not regular members of a club.”

The Rogers Communications program is one of about 40 similar programs that are being performed daily in the homes of our employees. Once facility closures were announced, the LIV North team was communicating over the weekend with all facilities across Canada and by the following Monday had a plan put together to keep members connected. 

The LIV North Amenities staff started to share ideas from the beginning of this pandemic and are now communicating online twice a week as a team of instructors to share ideas and successes. “LIV North has an amazing pool of talented instructors operating in a wide range of facilities across Canada, We are catering to a variety of needs and dealing with various types of communities daily with an amazing pool of instructors from across Canada.” Kendall states. 

Not only has LIV North redeployed our programming but we have re-designed many programs so they can be offered as “family friendly”. For example, we have a family friendly Amazing Race challenge with Honda employees, afternoon stretch breaks are being enjoyed by all family members and our core conditioning programs are now being offered to varsity and high school athletes who are staying at home. Classes range from Stretch and tone, AtHome Boxercise and many more that are posted on our clients members schedule.

Other facilities are also engaged in providing programs for social connection across multiple social platforms. For example, Miles Nadel launched an online hockey league for members with an amazing response. All LIV North facilities are getting together and running  a Goofy Plank Challenge #goofyplankchallenge This is run across Instagram with a target of 5000 people submitting entries showing themselves planking in a fun and creative way. Check out our first goofyplank doing a breakfast plank!

Stay tuned for more details on our #goofyplankchallenge.

Stay abreast of our many new opportunities through our instagram or blog on the LIV North website.

We’re All In This Together

LIV North is focused on connecting the health and wellness community during this time with as much at home fitness, mental health and wellness content as we can. 

LIV X, our fitness app used throughout our managed facilities, is loaded with videos to keep members active outside of their facility. LIVx provides a full range of health and wellness services, virtual classes, scheduling and a direct link to communicate 24/7. 

LIV North Digital

We are working with our phenomenal partners, such as Move123, to offer support and assistance to keep you moving and engaged. Through this partnership we are offering our clients, customers and preferred partners access to a full range of videos designed specifically for people working remotely or at home. 

This collection of videos will be updated weekly so ideas and content are fresh to keep you engaged and excited. Whoever is not using our LIV X Apps can access this site for content. 

Move 123 is centred around fitness and wellness of all types, Move 123 Silver is focused on active aging with modified moves for individuals and Mind 123 focuses on advice and tips for your mental health with interviews with industry experts. 

Please contact us for details on this promotion:

In addition to our partners, we will continue to run our small group training, Synergy, to help keep you connected with your Synergy friends and family. If any of our members need products during this time to assist with their at home fitness, please contact our LIV North team.

Available for all LIV North clients and partners. Contact us for details.

A Point of Difference in Managing Customer Experience for Multi Unit Residential Clients

Christine Aureli, Client Relations Manager for LIV North, has been in the customer service business since she was 12 years old. For Christine, helping customers and ensuring their satisfaction comes naturally. She shares, “I’m not an office person at all, I love interacting face to face with clients and seeing how I can help them.” 

Christine is now responsible for client and customer experience and satisfaction.  She ensures that our customers service and maintenance contracts are being audited regularly and that service excellence is being maintained.   Part of her success, she explains, is working hand and hand with all members of the LIV North team; from the maintenance technicians to parts and sales.

Christine sets up her own visitation routes, follows technicians and just does random drop ins., inspecting equipment and seeking opportunities for the team to improve in all aspects of the business. LIV North’s customer experience is further supported by their unique LIV Xpress technology.  Christine’s phone and laptop has a screen that provides her with a real time mapping of customer satisfaction in our managed facilities. If a specific time period indicates a problem, Christine can react immediately. The information can also be shared with property management, providing unmatched information on the customer experience. With LIV North’s service cloud, Christine is a quick chatter away from accessing any customer records, logs or reports providing all customers with current information.

This combined high-personal touch / high tech approach  is what sets LIV North apart. Christine shares the invested desire to exceed our client expectations., “If I miss your call, rest assured I will call you back as quickly as possible.” For Christine though, at the end of the day, it’s something that she likes to do and it translates with everyone she interacts with. 

 Christine’s approach is simple: always put the customer first and learn about your customer, as Christine says, “It’s the small details that make the biggest impact and all the difference.”

Christine can be reached at  

LIV North Appoints Regional Sales Manager

Dedicated to offering the highest level of health and wellness solutions, exceptional customer support and reliable service, LIV North , continues to expand its presence across Canada.

We are proud to announce that Glen Buchanan, has joined LIV North Inc. as Regional Sales Manager for the North East region surrounding Greater Toronto. Glen has an extensive background in the recreation and leisure industry in Ontario. He is an accomplished Paddle Boarder, which makes him the ideal Candidate to cover cottage country! Glen will be covering the fast growing region above Steeles Avenue to the north and Pickering to the east.

Glen will be working closely with Brian Townsend, Vice President, Sales. LIV North continues to expand our sales force with key players committed to customer service and providing value. We look forward to Glens contribution.

For more information, please contact:
Brian Townsend

National Sales Manager, LIV North Inc. | LIV North

Direct: 416-665-9280

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