Digital Fitness

Digital Fitness

LIV North realizes that digital and virtual fitness are going to be an integral part of the future of fitness in Canada, as it will be globally.

LIV North invested heavily in our cloud based service system 3 years ago, which lead to an efficient means of operating our many facilities across Canada using virtual and real time management and programming. In March, LIV North was ahead of the curve in digital and virtual programming that led to a growth in business through referral at a time when business’ suffered.

LIV North has now invested in a few new initiatives on a consumer and commercial basis that exceed the industry’s expectations.


LIV North Digital includes:

Health management tools, digital services and real-time management.


LIV Cloud

Bringing tomorrow’s technology to your facility today.  LIV North’s cloud platform is a game changer for our customers.



A custom designed APP that allows our customers to connect with their employees, members and residents easily and efficiently! LIVx provides a full range of health and wellness services, virtual classes, scheduling and a direct link to communicate 24/7. Effortless, Efficient and Effective!


LIV Xperience

Liv Xperience brings the entire spectrum from wellness, entertainment, fitness, and lifestyle directly to your building. Your residents instantly become members of an active and healthy community that is connected through the latest digital technology.

LIV Xpress Terminal

LIV Xpress

LIV North is advancing our customers to a new era of Contextual Customer Experience.  LIV Xpress addresses many facility challenges by measuring and analyzing customer experience in-the-moment, and adds context to the real-time feedback to provide clear and immediate guidance on what to improve.

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