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LIV North realizes that digital and virtual fitness are  an integral part of the future of fitness in Canada, as it will be globally. With this in mind, we invested in a few new initiatives on a consumer and commercial basis that exceed the industry’s expectations.

This, combined with our cloud based system, enabled us to be ahead of the curve in digital and virtual programming when the pandemic hit; which led to a growth in business through referral at a time when business’ suffered.

With our cloud based system and virtual services, our team is able to efficiently operate our many facilities across Canada using virtual and real time management and programming.

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Multiethnic mature couple exercising at home and watching training videos on digital tablet. Middle aged woman and indian man doing planks with a leg outstretched while watching fitness lessons online on digital tablet. Fit mid adult couple doing strenght plank following online tutorials.

LIV North Virtual includes:

Health management tools, digital services and real-time management.

A multi-ethnic group of elementary age children are learning how to swim at the public pool. One little girl is holding onto a kick board and is swimming through the water.


An app that can handle all aspects of day to day operations.


Aquatics Vision

The Aquatics Vision Program doesn’t just help. It’s the first and only solution to ensure water quality code compliance 24/7, in real-time.

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LIV Xpress

LIV Xpress is an instant feedback management platform that measures in-the-moment customer satisfaction. It adds context to real-time feedback to provide clear and immediate guidance on what to improve.



Optimal is a LIV North branded virtual fitness and wellness offering that offers live and on demand fitness, mindfulness and stretch break sessions.

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