January Residential Sales Event

A full line of quality equipment used throughout Canada in residential settings for people who are choosing to invest in their health at home.


  • Easy on the knees. Pedal placement ensures biomechanically correct leg position, which means increased comfort and reduced stress on the knees.
  • Measure your intensity. Heart rate sensors on the handlebars of each Lifecycle bike show you how hard you are working, and let you know when it’s time to coast for a while.


  • Step through and get going. Lifecycle recumbent bikes are available in three different step-through models. The open-frame design and front-assist handlebars make it easy for any exerciser to get on and go.
  • Heart rate monitoring at your side. Each Lifecycle recumbent bike has hand sensors on side-mounted handlebars, making it easy to monitor your heart rate for an effective workout.
  • Relax when you ride. A relaxed body position provides makes a ride on a recumbent comfortable and inviting.


  • Do Not Disturb. Extremely quiet operation means that no one else in the house, condo or apartment has to hear your workouts.
  • Smooth Moves. Years of research has helped Life Fitness develop an ellipse path that feels comfortable and mimics natural movement.
  • Calorie Burn. The total-body workout burns calories without putting pressure on the knees and other joints.


  • Cushioned for Comfort. The Life Fitness FlexDeck® Shock Absorption System reduces knee and joint stress and features durable LifeSpring™ shock absorbers that ensure years of comfortable runs.
  • Easy to Use. All Life Fitness treadmills include the convenient GoSystem™ Quick Start for simple workout set up and instant incline and speed adjustments. Designed to make it easy and inviting to start your workout.
  • Room to Run. A generous running surface area lets you pay attention to your miles instead of your footing.


  • Strength Training for Life. Strength training isn’t just for those who want to bulk up. It’s a great way to improve overall health, enhance stability and balance, and make everyday activities a little easier.
  • Freedom of Movement Cable Motion™ Technology lets you build balance and stability by choosing your own path of motion during strength training. Cable Motion machines are extremely versatile and provide a total-body workout.
  • Defined Paths. Fixed Motion machines allow you to focus on strengthening specific muscles using machine-defined paths of motion. Extensive biomechanics research means that these paths feel smooth and natural.
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