Workplace wellness is changing. With technology shaping all aspects of our lives, digital solutions are emerging and evolving rapidly along the way.

Define your workplace wellness program goals

The key question to ask is: “how does technology make things better (for you, for others, for our employees, for our organization)?”  What are you gaining? The first step is to pinpoint exactly what it is you would like to accomplish with your workplace wellness program.

  • For the employees: some combination of time and motivation are, at the highest level, two of the most fundamental barriers faced in terms of managing health.
  • For the organization: creating a winning workplace climate with a high performing workforce that maximizes productivity and minimizes costs fuels the rationale for having a robust employee health strategy, including a workplace wellness program.

The chart below provides some common examples of what wellness offerings should provide for both the Employee and Organization.

Employees Organizations
 + Inspire them to prioritize their health and wellbeing  + Help employees think, feel and perform at their best
 + Be easy to access and participate in  + Support organizational business and performance objectives
 + Create rewarding experiences and instigate positive outcomes  + Lead to positive results in aggregate health metrics, employee satisfaction, and retention
 + Infuse an element of fun in the workplace  + Enhance the workplace experience and support the overall workplace culture

How can technology help you reach your goals?

Once the goals of your workplace wellness program are defined, the next step is to consider if a technology application will enhance the experience and achieve better outcomes. Technology can help achieve these objectives by:

  • Providing personalized, relevant tools and content supported by coaching that, together, motivate employees to stay on track in accomplishing their health and wellness goals
  • Enhancing connections with colleagues through team health challenges that are fun
  • Providing an incentive and rewards program related to making healthy choices
  • Tracking and showing employees their progress
  • Providing an interface that is quick and enjoyable to use
  • Providing access 24/7 anywhere with an internet connection

The digital marketplace is flooded with online wellness programs and apps, but there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Wading through the possibilities is time-consuming and determining the right fit for your needs can be a challenge. Let HSG’s Wellness Professionals help customize a Wellness Solution to help you meet the goals of your organization and employees.


Laura Sullivan is a Wellness Manager and Corporate Supervisor at Health Systems Group. Laura has been working with organizations and teams to develop workplace wellness strategies, programs, and communities since 2000. Her core aspiration is to help organizations shape a workplace culture that inspires their people to live healthier at work and home. Her corporate health and wellness expertise is supplemented with human resources education and experience, a strong skill set in communications, business development and various roles in the fitness industry earlier in her career.

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