Badlands training centre

Opened in October 2020, Badlands Training Centre is a unique fitness facility in Medicine Hat, Alberta created with families in mind. It was purpose built to be a world class training centre with a goal of having families be the centre of the operation. The mission is to have those who come through to have fun, be fit, and be healthy both physically and mentally.

The training centre is 17,000 sq. feet on two floors. The entire building is 36,000 sq. feet with 11,000 sq. feet on two floors of lease space and 5500 sq. feet and a restaurant on the 3rd floor with a rooftop patio. This is an amazing space with some of the best views in the city of the teepee, Highway, coulees and sports diamonds.

The layout took some time and talking between the LIV rep and our rock climbing company to come up with a perfect layout that could encompass all that we required. There is a 40-foot rock wall, 2,200sq feet of turf for speed training, 6,000 sq. feet of class training for HIIT style workouts, 2200 sq. feet of combat zone for boxing and MMA, 2 studio rooms one specific to an ICG spin studio and the other for barre, yoga, pound, Hifit, Hip Hop dancing.

Russ McLean with LIV North helped us along the whole project to help us find our vision and goals for this facility. He ensured we had ordered equipment in a timely fashion, as with Covid, getting equipment was a huge challenge however we did meet our timeline. We have had support for the equipment and setting up the spin bikes, as well as had a great trainer come down and teach us on the bikes to help us learn what they can do.

People love the space, the diversity of classes and options this facility has, the state of the art equipment and absolutely great trainers we have in this space.

Check out Badlands for yourself when they re-open. In the meantime, follow along their Instagram for the latest in what’s happening with BTC.

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