LIV Xperience

LIV Xperience brings the entire spectrum from wellness, entertainment, fitness, and lifestyle directly to your building. Your residents instantly become members of an active and healthy community that is connected through the latest digital technology. 

LIV Xperience is the missing piece in your facilities ultimate living experience. With the widest range of programs and lifestyle options, your buildings amenity area will transform into a well loved community hub with maximum participation rates.

The combined expertise among our 3 main operating divisions: LIV North Amenities, LIV North Athletics & LIV North Aquatics provides unmatched condominium lifestyle experience.

LIV North Amenities

Professional management, lifestyle programming, facility and program staffing

LIV North Aquatics

Industry leading aquatics service and maintenance, including construction.

LIV North Athletics

Commercial fitness room design, wide range of commercial fitness equipment installation and service

LIV Xperience connects with every resident and provides a unique experience for them while simultaneously connecting them with their condo community. Through a strong investment into cloud-based technology, customer focused program design and a community-based operations model, LIV North is introducing an all encompassing package that goes beyond staffing.

Included in LIV Xperience:
  • LIV X – Lifestyle and Fitness App
  • LIV Xpress – Customer Experience Analytics
  • LIV Cloud Service
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