LIV Xpress

Monitor & Measure Customer Feedback in Real-Time

LIV North uses Instant Feedback Data to manage our facilities across Canada.

In its continued efforts to offer the best customer service in the industry, LIV North have taken this technology to a new level allowing our customers to benefit from this real-time customer feedback tools.

How Does It Work?

LIV Xpress allows an Operator to Capture Feedback at Every TOUCHPOINT during a member’s journey and in REAL-TIME. 

LIV Xpress also can focus on a single area of concern and is used to instantly report a service issue for instant identification.

Feedback is collected through a variety of channels strategically placed within gyms, classrooms or swimming facilities and allow facility users to rate their experience by pressing one of three emoji-style buttons: Red = Dissatisfied / Green = Satisfied / Yellow = So-So

Questions include: Please Rate Our Service, How Did You Enjoy Your Recreation Service Today?, and How Likely Are You To Recommend Our Service?

Why Do You Need This Service?

The advantage to LIV North customers includes instant, first-hand feedback from end users of the facilities. Facility management also gets compiled data and recommendations allowing them to adjust operations and/or make service adjustments, and, most importantly, respond to issues as needed on-the-fly.

Customers are set up with a Dashboard that helps monitor service quality and deliver actionable insights.

  • Make data driven decisions using real-time customer feedback analytics
  • Automated insights from every comment without reading each comment
  • Understand the gaps to prioritize improvement actions and strategies
  • Empower staff to take data driven action in the moment

Combined with our LIV Cloud, we can place bar codes throughout customers facilities allowing for the swift resolution to any and all problems. For example, if a concern is reported on a weekend, the LIV North team is alerted immediately. Once notified our service team instantly resolve the issue before the management’s office opens on Monday. Ultimately this leads to less disruption, as well as a safer, cleaner and more positive experience for the end user.

Take Action and improve your facility by identifying and prioritizing Opportunities.

Assign cross-departmental “customer focus teams” to:

  • Review customer data and insights
  • Identify and prioritize opportunities
  • Develop initiatives to act on opportunities
  • Determine impact of changes with business value calculation
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