LIVX – Management System

LIVx - Management System

Connect with your residents easily and efficiently! Our app allows you a direct link to communicate with them 24/7 in the palm of their hand. Effortless, Efficient and Effective!

We know:

Engaged member or tenant is active and receiving full value for their membership or amenity fee.

Users live a fast paced environment these days leaving them time starved.

Online digital access to your fitness facility is an expectation.

Remotely, members still want to stay engaged.

LIVx app is easy to implement as a member use and management tool. It helps effectively drive participation into your facility and keep members active outside your facility.

LIVx Offers:
  • Scheduling of Classes
  • Room Bookings
  • Schedule Personal Training Sessions
  • Interactive with PT Remotely
  • Access Video Workouts and Classes
  • Online Payments Reduce Administration
  • Fitness Assessments
  • Personal UPC Codes
  • Allows Push Notifications
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