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Myrtha Pools

LIV North is a MYRTHA Pool dealer for the elevated residential and hospitality markets. Myrtha Pool’s leading edge engineered technology, flexibility in design and commitment to quality is consistent with the LIV North model.

Myrtha Pools has grown to be the world leader in manufactured stainless-steel commercial pools, through its ongoing commitment to engineering and innovation. Myrtha Pools has grown to be a world leading  commercial pool manufacturer, through commitment to engineering and innovation. Embracing creative and architectural challenges, Myrtha has a hands-on approach and pursuit of excellence that has resulted in an international portfolio including an enviable range of gold-medal competition venues, exciting community facilities, breathtaking hospitality pools and more. 

Myrtha’s  custom swimming pools can be found in community centres, water parks, multi-unit residential, university campuses, cruise ships, medical centres, camping grounds and sports clubs all around the world.

Our pools are brought to life by contemporary design, industry-leading technology and our team of dedicated, highly trained architects, engineers, project managers and installers. Our pools have inspired performances, engaged communities and drawn crowds.


Existing pools that have run their course and need refurbishment present a different challenge. However, the Myrtha modular approach, delivered through RenovAction® process, provides an easy transformation from old concrete or steel pools, to modern, new stainless-steel and PVC Myrtha facilities with ease.

RenovAction Technology

New Build:

Thanks to the Myrtha Pools modular system, they can build virtually any pool one can imagine, and almost anywhere. From an infinity pool on the top of a high-rise hotel to a championship venue for the world’s fastest swimmers, Myrtha technology delivers

Myrtha Technology

BIM Rules:

Additionally, Myrtha Pools has begun to organize its internal process, according to the new BIM rules: it has created models with 3D, parametric and relational characteristics within the concept of Building Information Modeling and has developed more and more components for the library, also implementing digital information within the objects. A BIM coordinator acts as a supervisor both in the field of structural design and in that of hydraulic plant engineering.

Why Myrtha Technology?
  • Space & Site Advantages
  • Custom Design - Flexibility of Structural Design
  • Myrtha Wall structure can be independent from the floor
  • Access - Easy to transport material through windows, doors and even elevators - No cranes required
  • Durability & Low Through Life Costs
  • Waterproofing Guarantee
  • Flexible Construction and Schedule
  • Light Weight - 1/7th the weight of concrete
  • Available Finishes for all budgets including high end
  • Low Maintenance
  • No re-surfacing, re-plastering, re-painting and re-tiling
  • Shorter installation period resulting in less labor & cost savings
Hi Rise Residential Application:
  • Strong References
  • 1/7th the weight of a concrete structure
  • Speed of Construction
  • Double Safety (PEM & Membrane)
  • Capacity of accommodate mechanical skids
  • Logistical Advantages
  • Depth Transitions with Structural Foam Applications
  • Building Specific Structural Design
  • Acoustical Advantages - One Riverside
  • Deck interface waterproofing (Link Plate)
  • Touch Membrane
  • Custom Tile Options
  • Hidden Gutter/Vanishing Edges
  • Acrylic integration
  • Collaboration with design team i.e. Architect or Landscape architect (Software compatibility)
Structural Foam & Hardie Board
  • Complete Dry Construction
  • Less Weight
  • No Cranes
  • No Concrete Pumps
  • Pre-Cut Pieces (Puzzle)
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Myrtha Wellness

Myrtha Wellness can apply industry-leading technology and expertise to the creation of inspired wellness environments and experiences.

A 360º approach to project management ensures Myrtha’s designers are involved at every step from concept through design, manufacturing, construction and maintenance, bringing peace and tranquillity to wellness centre and spa development.

  • Sauna
  • Steam Bath
  • Salt Room
  • Cold Experience
  • Experiential Showers Kneipp
  • Path Swimming
  • Spa & Wellness Pools
  • Relaxation Rooms
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