LIV North Inc. Divests its Ontario Aquatics Division

As of March 31, 2023, LIV North Inc. (LIV North), has sold its aquatics division, (formerly Superior Pool, Spa & Leisure Inc.) to Aquatic AI Services Inc. (AAIS), a Toronto-based pool services company. AAIS will be operating as Superior Pool Spa & Leisure Ltd.

As part of our strategic plan, LIV North made the decision to divest of the Ontario-based aquatics business. We remain focussed on the continued national expansion of our two largest divisions; fitness equipment and fitness management. With over 1,000 employees, LIV North represents the coming together of four of Canada’s leading fitness companies committed to providing our clients with access to fitness and wellness services and equipment through one single entity.

LIV North is Canada’s largest fitness facility management provider serving the commercial, corporate, community, colleges/universities and multi-housing sectors across the country. We are experts in designing, creating and operating fitness facilities on behalf of our clients, proudly serving many of Canada’s most prestigious organizations.

LIV North is dedicated to delivering the highest quality and complete line of fitness equipment and equipment services to our customers across all market segments. We are Canada’s national exclusive distributor for Life Fitness Family of Brands, the leading manufacturer of fitness equipment worldwide and Woodway Treadmills.

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FMI X5 Kids Bike

A simple and accessible solution to improve the emotional and physical well-being of students.

Today’s classrooms, and their teachers, are under new and challenging pressures.
Meeting the strategic objective of fostering healthy schools will be a challenge when one considers the persistent problems plaguing our schools.

Consider this…

Short burst exercise has a role to play in helping children re-focus and get back on task.
“…4 min of high-intensity physical activity is adequate to decrease off – task behavior”… “results demonstrate that high intensity physical activity is capable of decreasing motor, and to a lesser extent, passive off task behaviour” NRC RESEARCH PRESS, 2014

Exercise is an accessible strategy for strengthening children’s physical and mental health.
“Children who undertake more physical activity (PA) not only have more optimal physical health but also enjoy better mental health” UNIVERSITY OF HELSINKI, 2013

Current DPA programs may not be reliably or insightfully addressing daily fitness needs.
“Asking schools to create an environment in which children sustain moderate or greater intensity activity for 20 or more continuous minutes does not reflect children’s typical physical activity patterns;. DPA policy may need to be reviewed to move emphasis away from ‘sustained’ MVPA to the accumulation of shorter bouts of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) as a means of attaining the 20-minute criteria.” CPHA, 2012

… A unique tool is already being implemented in some Canadian schools:

  1. A tool that promotes exercise as a means to deal with student’s physical and mental well-being.
  2. A tool that is easily accessible to each and every student facilitating the emerging concept of self regulation.
  3. A tool that supplements and enhances the already existing DPA program.

The FMI X5 Kids Spin Exercise Bike is a commercial grade exercise bike scaled to the needs of children. It incorporates thoughtful safety features such as a “Free-Wheeling” design which limits the risk of injury caused by pedals which might move too quickly or erratically. The bike is manufactured using durable and long lasting materials making it ideal for pro-longed and constant use in a school environment.



  • Stable and safe platform
  • Long lasting aluminum alloy pedals
  • Adjustable wheel tension with brake
  • Easy to adjust seat and handlebars
  • Comfortable user height – 40” to 63”
  • Maximum user weight: 250 lbs.
  • Unit Weight: 80 lbs.
  • Footprint: 32” L x 21” W (Assembled)


Q: What are the benefits of a stationary bike over organized class exercise breaks?
All forms of exercise are great. But children do benefit when they have self regulated physical and mental breaks. A stationary bike is a quiet and compact tool for the classroom.

Q: Why not use a conventional (adult) spin bike?
Safety is of the utmost importance. Traditional spin bikes have fixed drive flywheels meaning the pedals continue to spin until the flywheel stops. This becomes a significant liability compounded by adult bikes not properly fitting the user. The X5 bike provides the correct fit, a strong commercial frame, and a free-wheeling design to protect your students.

Q: How do we manage/regulate time on the bike?
The bike should help to bring order, not disorder, to the classroom. The concept of both free-access and structured-access programs have been successfully implemented in various schools across Canada. Teachers will determine the successful option based on your specific classroom needs.


“Sometimes I’ll have a student just come in from recess and they go straight to the bike. So I’m not always sure why they are going but I do believe that self-regulation peice is important. They are becoming more aware of what they need.” – Anita Mystiak, Grade 3 Teacher

“Exercise dispersed throughout a student’s day really can help improve their attention, their self-regulation, their ability to self-regulate their emotions, and really decrease anxiety.” – Kendra Gratzfeld, Phys. Therapist, Incl. Learning, EPSB

“I’ve heard from students and parents that their kids are sleeping better at night just from using the bike.” – Melissa Sebastiancelli, FMNI Support Teacher

Programming with a Purpose – Looking Ahead – Rollvember

LIV North Fitness Management team programs monthly challenges to encourage members of their projects to get active, eat healthy and maintain a well rounded lifestyle. While typical challenges – such as a step challenge or healthy eating challenge gain interest of some employees, it has been proving true that gamification of certain challenges brings higher usage and engagement. 

Coming in November, members of LIVNorth projects can get excited to partake in Rollvember! Rollvember will be offered in a virtual and on-site format for employees who may be still working in a hybrid work environment post Covid. 

Rollvember will encourage members to utilize the fitness facility and/or participate in Live Fitness Classes by allowing 1 roll of the dice for each visit. The goal of the challenge is to collect as many Stars as possible during the month of November. Stars are collected by moving through the gameboard. The more often an employee partakes in an activity in the fitness facility or virtually, the higher chance they have of collecting the most stars! 

We are excited to see the participation rates of multiple projects that will utilize the program – Rollvember.

Carnival Day

Welcome to the Carnival! At HSBC Place and 103 Street Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, onsite Manager – Jaclyn Neumann and Fitness Coordinator – Lisa Seidelmann brought a Carnival to the Fitness Centre this month with great success.

Tenants were invited to partake in Carnival themed games to challenge them in a variety of fitness related activities and win prizes. Some of the games included: a Deadhang, which challenges grip strength, Limbo, which challenges back and hip mobility and a fan favorite of spin the wheel which provided prizes or different exercises to try. The Carnival encouraged tenants of the building who don’t normally utilize the Fitness Centre to come in and try a few exercises out as well as meet the onsite staff. 

These types of events provide opportunities for individuals who may be nervous to enter a gym setting, to experience the community of a fitness centre and meet welcoming staff which can help break down barriers to exercise. Employees who have access to onsite fitness centres and wellness programs tend to have a much higher level or productivity, higher quality of work and take less sick days.

The carnival was great fun, I appreciate the effort you guys put into making the event so engaging!”

LIVNorth Fitness Management provides programming for onsite and virtual fitness centres that allows members to feel supported, motivated and engaged. Check out the wrap – up video and member comments below: 

 If you would like to see offerings like this in your space, head to our website to learn more.

Seasonal Pool Openings

LIV North would like to give a big shout out to our summer pool staff and our experienced renovation team who have worked tirelessly to open up our customer’s outdoor pools this year. 

While we are well equipped with supplies and products needed to serve our customers, staffing shortages still remains an issue as it continues to plague the entire industry across North America. Our dedicated scheduling and staffing teams have continued to work hard and  creatively develop new models to meet our customers’ needs and enabling residents to enjoy their pools this summer. 

We anticipate that lifeguard staffing will continue to be an ongoing challenge throughout the seasonal industry and, while we will continue to work with all our customers diligently to provide needed staff, another viable option is to consider “right sizing” your large outdoor pool with the Myrtha Pool in a Pool system so that staffing is not required. In addition to solving staffing challenges, the Myrtha pool system enhances your amenity with a modern, new sleek look. Check out a sampling of pools below.   

LIV North Aquatics Pool Opening

Contact for information on long term solutions for your seasonal pool.

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