LIV North Appoints Corporate Sales Manager

Dedicated to offering the highest level of health and wellness solutions, exceptional customer support and reliable service, LIV North , continues to expand its presence across Canada.

We are proud to announce that Anna Mancini, has joined LIV North Inc. as Corporate Sales Manager for Eastern Canada. Anna has extensive experience in account management and a strong background in providing fitness, exercise programming, fitness staff development and fitness facility management, which is combined with a financial background.

Anna will be an excellent resource for any corporation or manufacturer seeking to provide, improve or expand their employee fitness programs. Anna will also be developing the corporate amenities and active aging markets.

Anna will be working closely with Lisa Kendall, Vice President, Amenities and Brian Townsend, Vice President, Sales.

This move is in response to the growing demand in Ontario and Eastern Canada.

LIV North is expanding our full range of digital services, amenity management and fitness equipment sales and service across Canada.

Anna Mancini –

For more information, please contact:

Brian Townsend

National Sales Manager, LIV North Inc.

Direct: 416-665-9280

Facility Feature: Anytime Fitness Nobleton

An excellent installation at the newly opened Anytime Fitness in Bolton ON.

The Airdyne X by Octane Fitness is an excellent cycle for creating new and unique training experiences. The original Fan Bike with a 26 blade performance fan is equipped with the full range of Octane HIIT programming and is built with a rigid frame to handle the high workloads.  Check out the Nobleton Anytime Fitness for an excellent training environment.

Octane have created an excellent package of HIIT products that will enhance The Octane MAX Trainer, Octane Ro and the Airdyne X are the perfect combination for any gym or fitness facility.

Contact LIV North for more information.

LIV North Appoints New Regional Sales Manager in British Columbia

Dedicated to offering the highest level of health and wellness solutions, exceptional customer support and reliable service, LIV North , continues to expand its presence across Canada.

We are proud to announce that Richard Zaal, has joined LIV North Inc. as Regional Sales Manager – BC. Richard has extensive experience in the commercial fitness industry and has worked on numerous projects across Canada. Richards background includes: Life Fitness Direct Sales, Hospitality Sales, Richard is a graduate of University of BC and lives in the lower mainland with his wife and child.

Richard joins Kerri Chisholm, Regional Operations Manager of LIV North in growing our Amenity and Athletic divisions in British Columbia.

LIV North is expanding our full range of digital services, Amenity Management and fitness equipment sales and service in British Columbia. This move is in response to many customer requests with whom we work across Canada.

Both Richard and Kerri are located in Greater Vancouver and can be contacted:

Kerri Chisholm |
Richard Zaal |

For more information, please contact:
Brian Townsend
National Sales Manager, LIV North Inc.
Direct: 416-665-9280 LIV North on LinkedIn

Facility Feature: Absolute

LIV North is excited to be working with Absolute Towers to bring our fitness, aquatics and facilities management services to their condo recreation centre.  Absolute is dedicated to providing its tenants with superior amenities, all designed to improve the well-being of their tenants and to provide a place for social connection.  When Abolsolute was looking for a management service company for its rec centre, LIV North’s condo recreation management & service platform checked all the boxes. Absolute was looking for a management company that combined, offered their tenants on-trend fitness, aquatics & wellness programming for all, an onsite team of highly qualified and experienced programming and customer service staff, superior maintenance service for its facilities, online communication tools to elevate tenant engagement and experience, and finally the supply of high-end fitness & aquatic equipment.   

Tammy Stebbings making it happen at Absolute.

What sets LIV North apart from other companies are two specific areas, shares Tammy Stebbings, General Manager of Absolute’s rec centre, “tenant engagement and customer service.”  LIV North achieves participation rates in programs above industry norms and provides its staff with the digital tools to connect and engage with tenants from the palm of their hand. 

LIV Xperience consists:

  • LIV X – Lifestyle and Fitness App
  • LIV Xpress – Customer Service Experience Analytics
  • LIV Cloud Service

LIV North has created, LIV Xperience, tailored directly for condo recreation facilities.  LIV Xperience connects with every resident and provides a unique experience for them while simultaneously connecting them with their condo community. LIV Xperience brings the entire spectrum from wellness, entertainment, fitness, and lifestyle directly to your building. Residents instantly become members of an active and healthy community that is connected through the latest digital technology. 

LIV Xperience is the missing piece in your facilities ultimate living experience. With the widest range of programs and lifestyle options, your buildings amenity area will transform into a well loved community hub with maximum participation rates.

LIV North recognizes that individuals are more likely to participate in fitness and wellness activities if the programs are fun, meet personal needs as well as provide an opportunity for social interaction and community. We understand that individuals today need programming options that are flexible and highly accessible. As a result, we have made significant investments in technology, infrastructure and program delivery redesign. LIV North offers a programming model that addresses tenant engagement needs and makes our fitness and wellness programming available to members anytime and anywhere. 

Hitting The Reset Button

Our January Wellness Tips

January is not just the start of a new year, it is also the start of a new stronger, healthier and happier you. 49% of Canadians make New Years’ resolutions and yet only 8% stick with them. Rather than making one rigid resolution that can easily be broken, try making small improvements in all of the main pillars of health: sleep, diet, exercise and stress management, and enjoy a path to lasting wellness.

Sleep; it is not just about being rested and getting enough hours, it’s about rejuvenation and healing. While most of us need about 7 to 8 hours, getting adequate stage-4 sleep and a consistent wake time are vital.  Studies show that shifting your wake time by 90 minutes or more reduces energy and increases body fat independent of diet and exercise. So, practice getting into bed close to the same hour each night and, more importantly get up around the same time each day.  Melatonin taken 30 minutes before bed promotes stage-4 sleep and resets your sleep cycle, getting you back into a healthy routine after the all the holiday festivities.

Diet; after a month of holiday treats and sweets, everyone could use a sustainable nutrient makeover. Eating well takes a little time and forethought, so start by planning 3 to 5 days of menu ideas and cook more than one meal at a time.  Make sure you get the right ratio of nutrients on your plate with protein in every meal and green on your plate every day.  Commit to removing one bad thing from your diet such as white sugar, bread or desserts in general.  Add in foods such as lemon, artichokes, beets and kale that stimulate the production of liver enzymes to help naturally detoxify the body. We don’t need to be perfect every day, but we need the good basics in our diet to create a healthy body.

Exercise; it is not just about weight loss but about increasing muscle strength, improving circulation and feeling good. You don’t need to train like an Olympian, just go play like one.  Choose an activity that you enjoy otherwise it will simply become one more task in your day. It could be dancing, bowling, going for a walk, or a group game of hockey or soccer. Just get moving.  Ideally exercise should be a regular part of your routine, but if not, start small, once a week and increase it as each month passes.

Stress management; December is the most stressful time of the year, and January is when we feel most of the effects from the rise in cortisol, our stress hormone. Cortisol not only increases weight gain independent of what we eat, but also impairs stage-4 sleep, reduces our immunity by up to 56%, and adversely affects digestion.  Some ideas – take on less and learn to say “no”, seek out social support, implement some stress reducing techniques such as deep breathing, yoga, massage therapy and even take the time to watch a funny movie. 

Here’s to a new you!

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