Wattbike Nucleus

The standard resistance option of the Wattbike Nucleus has been engineered to better fit the needs of all health and fitness users. The high resistance option of the Wattbike Nucleus has been engineered to fit the needs of elite athletes and more powerful riders.

Model: Nucleus
Height: 130cm
Frame width: 66cm
Frame length: 125cm
Footprint: 145 x 66cm
Bike weight: 58kg
Boxed weight: 68kg
Frame: Steel
Feet: Rubber Height adjustable
Transportation rollers: Yes
Integrated gear shifters: No
Gears: 1 – 10 (air), 1 – 7 (magnetic)
Cranks: 170mm


Born from the Wattbike Pro/Trainer, the Wattbike Nucleus features a high-definition Performance Touchscreen. The Performance Touchscreen includes workouts, plans, tests and the brand new interval builder, allowing riders to create the ultimate personalised workout.

The Wattbike Nucleus has resistance suitable for all gym users and maintains Wattbike’s unrivalled accuracy and Real Ride Feel. The updated magnetic brake also provides a more linear and predictable resistance for riders. Fire up the gym floor for cyclists, gym goers, and health and fitness fans with Wattbike’s latest offering.

  • Ride Feel Technology replicates the resistance and sensation of riding on the road
  • Performance touchscreen elevates the cycling experience by delivering incredibly accurate performance feedback
  • Training with Polar View helps improve your pedalling efficiency and power output
  • Pedalling Effectiveness Score is a unique technique analysis tool that provides riders with a colour coded display and numerical score
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