SMARTfit Low Impact Mini Portable

  • SMARTfit commercial software license for sports, fitness, brain health and education applications:
    • 10 folders of gamified categories with variable difficulties and challenges including: track, seek (multiple choice), metronome, Go-no-Go, Memory, Spelling, Equations and more
    • Turnkey Programming by celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson
    • Extensive new programming for older adults consists of over 600 new video supported dual task activities and addresses both Independent and Assisted seniors.
    • Turnkey Programming for sports performance, PE, and education
    • Trainer-Client management capability: Multiple trainers managing and monitoring unlimited number of clients
    • Easy customizable programming and reporting/exporting options
  • 1 CPU controller
  • Software license (see above)
  • Height adjustable that ranges from 18 inches to 5 feet 6 inches.
  • 1 interactive 36″x36″ wide low impact injection molded station mounted on a portable frame for easy room-to-room relocation
  • 9 LED multi-functional computerized targets
  • Includes customizable height adjusting feature with full range from floor to 6 feet.
  • FREE GIFT – 1 tablet kiosk stand (tablet not included)

Can communicate with up to 5 wireless Strike Pods.

18-month warranty (extended warranty available) and SMARTfit’s exclusive Platinum Service Plan.


SMARTfit Low Impact Mini is designed for spaces where heavy equipment is not used.  While the SMARTfit On-Wall model can still take some impact such as light boxing, the portable model should be used for seated and standing exercises in light touch applications.

The SMARTfit Low Impact Mini’s smaller footprint makes it ideal for tight spaces and its portability makes it a perfect option for delivering dual task training room-to-room or classroom-to-classroom.

The SMARTfit Low Impact Mini is ideal for early childhood education, and elder care.

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