SMARTfit Mini High Impact On Frame


  • SMARTfit commercial software license for sports, fitness, brain health and education applications:
    • 10 folders of gamified categories with variable difficulties and challenges including: track, seek (multiple choice), metronome, Go-no-Go, Memory, Spelling, Equations and more
    • Turnkey Programming by celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson
    • Extensive new programming for older adults consists of over 600 new video supported dual task activities and addresses both Independent and Assisted seniors.
    • Turnkey Programming for sports performance, PE, and education
    • Trainer-Client management capability: Multiple trainers managing and monitoring unlimited number of clients
    • Easy customizable programming design and reporting/exporting options
  • 1 CPU Controller
  • Software license (see above)
  • 1 interactive 46″x46″ wide steel station mounted on a frame
  • 9 LED multi-functional targets
  • Includes customizable panel height adjusting feature with full range from floor to 6 feet.
  • FREE GIFT – 1 tablet kiosk stand (tablet not included)

Add up to 5 wireless Strike Pods (sold separately) to create a 360 environment.

18-month warranty (extended warranty available) and SMARTfit’s exclusive Platinum Service Plan.


The system’s nine computerized targets fit into a square training station which increases the concentration of targets into a smaller area.

SMARTfit Mini High Impact Systems can accommodate the power of any athlete and equipment such as air filled balls and medicine balls. The high impact portable option includes a pneumatic lift system that allows for raising the system off the floor for relocation.

Programs suited to the Mini include:

  • Sports performance training for non-ball sports
  • Early childhood education
  • Active aging
  • Geriatric rehab
  • Boxing and martial arts.

The combined cognitive and motor skills training is known to significantly speed up neuromotor skills and improvements in cognition.

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