SMARTfit Single


  • SMARTfit commercial software license for sports, fitness, brain health and education applications:
    • 8 folders of gamified categories with variable difficulties and challenges including: track, seek (multiple choice), metronome, Go-no-Go, Memory, Spelling, Equations and more
    • Turnkey Programming by celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson
    • Turnkey Programming for sports performance, PE, and education
    • Trainer-Client management capability: Multiple trainers managing and monitoring unlimited number of clients
    • Easy customizable programming design and reporting/exporting options
  • 1 CPU controller
  • Software license (see above)
  • 1 Interactive station made up of  two joined 46”x 46” panels
  • 9 LED multi-functional targets – 16×16 dot matrix
  • SMARTfit™ software license and access to SMARTfit’s user interface app
  • Includes six 22lb (10kg) rubber coated weights for stablilty.
  • FREE Gift – 1 tablet kiosk stand (tablet not included)

The Single is mounted on a free-standing frame system that includes pneumatic lift kit for easy portability.

Capable of communicating with up to 5 wireless Strike Pods.

18-month warranty (extended warranty available) and SMARTfit’s exclusive Platinum Service Plan.


The SMARTfit Single is your ideal trainer for ball sports as it offers a larger playing area to catch rebounds.

Applications include turnkey personal training and small group training  programs for sports performance, youth sports, return-to-play sports rehab and wellness.

The SMARTfit Single can be wall-mounted, floor-mounted or portable, and can be optionally configured to interact with up to five portable Strike Pods to create a 360 degree training environment.

SMARTfit Single facilitates elite level training in limited space locations.

  • Touch sensitive intelligent strike targets screens detect contact ranging from delicate touch or forceful impact.
  • Not just a reaction light training system – multi-function targets display letters, numbers, images, equations and words designed to develop high level cognitive processing while moving
  • Over 2,000 video directed training activities deliver focused cognitive-motor activities targeted at all levels of athletes.
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