Tydax Beast 36 Power Rack with Plate Storage

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The Beast-36 with Plate Storage is a part of our compact Beast Rack series, with 3×3” 11-gauge steel uprights and cross-beams. This design features a total footprint of 63”x 49” and a height of 90”.

The Beast-36 with Plate Storage comes fully compatible with all attachments which allows you to add any of our upgrades including the:

Monkey Chin-Up Bar
Dip Bar
Sport Arms
The Plate Storage Attachments gives you the satisfaction of tidying away your plates, keeping them out of harm’s way, including 8 adjustable Storage Arms. The plate storage provides a clean gym feel, keeping things uncluttered and organized so you can focus on your gains.

This unit is perfect for those who want to build the ultimate custom gym*.

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