Service Cloud

Service Cloud

LIV North is committed to providing our clients with well-managed and well-maintained facilities. LIV North operates all its services through a state-of-the-art Cloud Platform.

Fully customized to meet the service requirements of our organizations, our cloud platform was designed to be truly customer focused. Within a year, this cutting-edge technology has successfully reduced resolution time from over five days to an average of just one day.

By providing quick resolutions to all issues, users enjoy uninterrupted access to a professionally managed facility.

How the LIV North Service Cloud Works for You:

  • Instant Communication Through Live Chat & Customer Portals
  • Multi-Level Access to Your Accounts from Anywhere
  • Single Platform for On-Site Fitness & Wellness Programs
  • Ability to Overview Multiple Facilities
  • 24/7 Service/Emergencies (Aquatics)
  • Live Status Updates on Deliveries, Services & Maintenance
  • GPS Integrated Tracking of our Fleets
  • Historical Data & Documents Stored on Cloud Account for Easy Recall
  • Automatic, Multi-Recipient Electronic Reporting on Service & Maintenance
  • Shared Records with Public Health, Stakeholders & Board Members on Request
  • Less Paper to Support Sustainability Initiatives
  • Customer Centric Dashboards
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