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Facility Design

LIV North can help you with the proper design and layout out of your fitness and recreational facilities. Our hands-on operations and facility design knowledge are unmatched and provide a design that not only meets your current requirements but takes into consideration  future plans. We work with your design team in order to ensure your new or renovated facility exceeds your members expectations including recommendations on ancillary items, electrical, cabling and entertainment choices.

Our design process is augmented by our extensive facility management experience.

Recreational Facilities Design and Development

Consulting and Project management of your facility renovation or development includes:

Phase One:
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Strategic Planning
  • Venue Design
Phase Two:
  • Project Oversight
  • Equipment Supply
  • Sales/leasing
Phase Three:
  • Facility Management
  • Facility Staffing
  • Training
  • Marketing and Programming

Contact us now to see how the LIV North group of companies can provide a turn key solution for your facility.


Commercial Fitness equipment can be expensive. Whether you are looking to open a new facility or to upgrade your existing location, leasing the equipment over a period of time can actually work to your advantage by allowing you to lessen the initial cost while providing both exiting a future members the very best.

National Fitness Products provides a variety of financing  options to qualified customers on all equipment purchases.

Advantages To Leasing
  • No large upfront costs to your facility
  • Payments are built around your requirements
  • Up to 100% of purchase amount can be covered under lease (including applicable taxes)
  • No long-term debt, but rather an operating cost
  • Conserves working capital
  • Fixed Rates, hedge against inflation
  • Equipment = Collateral not affecting personal credit

Training & Programming

LIV North has extensive experience in providing product training for your staff and members/residents. We ensure they have knowledge on proper biomechanics and correct use of all equipment we install. Upon installation our staff will arrange training and instruction dates.

Through our Amenities Division LIV North are industry leaders in developing quality fitness, recreation and wellness programs specific to your facility.

Our various suppliers we have a strong arsenal of instructor training programs to assist your facility in optimizing your programs.

Preventative Maintenance

As important as your equipment purchase is, the maintenance and upkeep programs are equally important and are designed to maximize equipment lifespan and reduce downtime. The net result of a preventative maintenance program is long term cost savings and member satisfaction.

LIV North has trained technicians and a fleet of vehicles ready to respond to your service requirements. Our Cloud Operating System provides our customers with digital reports immediately after each service call along with an accompanying survey to ensure we receive your immediate feedback on how we performed.

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