SMARTfit Neuro-Cognitive Gym

Developed by industry experts and scientifically proven to produce fast results, SMARTfit engages players of all ages and abilities with the first-ever comprehensive baseline test of cognitive capabilities while moving, followed by turnkey programs to improve brain health and physical performance.

It starts with a game that triggers the desire to play. Then, through highly engaging repetition powered by the desire to achieve, it rapidly evolves into skilled action without conscious thought (automaticity). SMARTfit’s sensitized target displays naturally combines focus, decision-making and motor interaction into skills at any level.

Your Brain Matters

SMARTfit Strike Pods

SMARTfit Strike Pods can operate independently or connected as additional touch points with the SMARTfit Single and SMARTfit Mini systems.

SMARTfit Strike Pods Starter Kit

Turnkey System w/3 Strike Pods, Duffel and Stands. Offers both targeted and integrated brain and motor training programs for various phases in neuro rehabilitation, making it ideal for training youth and older adults at home or outdoors.

SMARTfit Mini Low Impact

SMARTfit Low Impact Mini is designed for spaces where heavy equipment is not used.  While the SMARTfit On-Wall model can still take some impact such as light boxing, the portable model should be used for seated and standing exercises in light touch applications.

SMARTfit Mini High Impact

SMARTfit Mini High Impact Systems can accommodate the power of any athlete and equipment such as air filled balls and medicine balls. The high impact portable option includes a pneumatic lift system that allows for raising the system off the floor for relocation.

SMARTfit Single

The SMARTfit Single is your ideal trainer for ball sports as it offers a larger playing area to catch rebounds. The SMARTfit Single can be wall-mounted, floor-mounted or portable, and can be optionally configured to interact with up to five portable Strike Pods to create a 360 degree training environment.

SMARTfit ProTrainer

The ideal solution for multipurpose training rooms, the SMARTfit ProTrainer offers the ability to train all populations in small group or large group training formats and takes up virtually no space when not in use.

SMARTfit MultiTrainer

The SMARTfit® MultiTrainer is the perfect training solution for large groups. Programming is available for fitness and team building programs for all ages especially youth and seniors.

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