Programming with a Purpose – The Amazing Race

LIV North Fitness Management division prides itself in offering engaging and motivating programs to our managed facilities and their members.  However, there is always a greater purpose than having a lot of members participate.

When a challenge or program is planned, all aspects of wellness, as well as health indicators, such as sleep and stress management, are included.

Take for example the Amazing Race challenge that finished on May 3, 2021.  Over 4 weeks, 126 competitors from 9 LIV North managed facilities competed in a virtual race across Canada for prizes.  Sounds fun and motivating, right?

Having been involved in the wellness sector for over 45 years, LIV North staff know that small increases in daily activity have huge benefits at the organizational level.  Some of these benefits include:

  • Increased productivity – employees that move more in their day tend to be more focused, productive and sleep better at night
  • Reduced stress levels – being in nature has been shown to greatly decrease stress levels
  • More positive outlook – feeling supported, building connections and finding a sense of accomplishment go a long way in improving corporate culture, employee longevity and overall satisfaction at work.

Along the way, strategic activities were plotted out that focused specifically on the points above. Taking a mindful walk in nature to reduce stress and trying new activities such as theme based recipes were among those tasks.  Activity levels were slowly increased as the challenge progressed to ensure all abilities and fitness levels could succeed was key to creating a sense of accomplishment.

For a more detailed look at the outcome results of the Amazing Race challenge, take a look at the infographic below.  

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LIV North Fitness Management Wraps Up Nationwide Amazing Race Challenge

With COVID numbers rising across the country, the LIV North Fitness Management team set out to plan a fun, engaging and completely virtual challenge. Understanding the effects of lockdowns and working remotely helped the team to plan a challenge that was not only fun but would also help participants lower stress levels, increase physical activity, and improve productivity. Being that Spring was arriving, the team also planned for many outdoor options.

A registration fee was charged to enter the race – ½ of which was used for prizes and the other ½ was slated for donation to the winning teams charity of choice (which was selected at registration).  

One essential part to the planning was gamification – the process of applying game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts.  We add these elements to any challenge or program we run as this makes the entire event more motivating, engaging and successful!

Following the guiding principles of the Amazing Race television show, participants were provided with one ‘envelope’ at a time with the details about that leg of the race.  Starting in Vancouver, BC, they completed area based challenges, with time sensitive detours and roadblocks thrown their way.  After Vancouver, our teams headed to Edmonton AB, Toronto, ON and Halifax, NS.  Along the way each team member completed over 115 km in distance as well as a variety of mindfulness, healthy eating and plain old fun activities, submitting proof and trying to climb the standings with each leg.

When all was said and done, 63 teams from 9 different LIV North managed facilities across the country ended their adventure in Halifax, NS.  

Overall, 126 people made a positive impact on their health and wellbeing over the 4 week challenge.  The Breast Cancer Society of Canada will be receiving a donation on behalf of the winning team, helping to positively impact even more lives.

To celebrate the following video was put together to highlight some of the challenges and fun the participants had along the way.

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Facility Feature: UCalgary’s NEW Gold Fitness Alcove

The Gold Fitness Alcove at the University of Calgary is the latest innovative project that Active Living has taken on to offer more workout varieties to students and the campus community. UCalgary was focused on giving their fitness community a secondary space to relieve stress, connect with other students and add variation to the already well-equipped main fitness amenities.

Alby and his team had a vision of what they wanted and how programming was going to be implemented; it was important to develop something that provided a different experience than the main Fitness Centre. We were able to customize a Small Group Training Room with some amazing, industry leading products from the Life Fitness Signature Series: Life Fitness Studio Line, Woodway Treadmills, TRX and Concept 2.

This space will be used by the students, staff, faculty and the public with any booking reservation. Come try the space out when you need a break and get your pump on! Whatever challenge you’re looking for, UCalgary is ready to support you.

**The Gold Fitness Alcove has been designed and built in partnership with the Apple Fitness Store, a division of LIV North. UCalgary Active Living is a proud Apple Fitness partner.

LIV North Partners With Homeless Cars

While we were sad to part company with 14 of our ‘trusty’ service vehicles that have come to the end of their useful commercial life, we are thrilled that we were able to find a partner who could put them to even more valuable use.  

LIV North has partnered with Homeless Cars, a charitable foundation in Canada that accepts used vehicles and exclusively donates the proceeds of the sale of the vehicles to local shelters and food banks in the area. 

The proceeds from LIV North’s donation will be benefiting Seeds of Hope Foundation and Ve’ahavta, two important organizations that operate in the GTA. Seeds of Hope runs five housing projects, offers cooked meals every day, and programming and therapy.  Ve’ahavta is well known for their vans that drive around Toronto providing warm clothing, food and emergency care, as well as job training for people transitioning out of homelessness. 

Brian Townsend, Vice President of Operations, shares “We are proud to support  Homeless Cars.  As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disproportionately affect those low income individuals more likely to experience shelter and food insecurity, the need for donations is even more important today.” 

LIV North’s new Virtual Corporate Fitness and Wellness services contribute to employee resilience and productivity

As a Canadian leader in Corporate fitness management, we recognize that 2020 was anything but ordinary.  As challenging as this time continues to be, it has provided an opportunity for us to reimagine how we deliver corporate fitness.  With the workforce dramatically shifting and employee mental health and wellbeing concerns at an all time high, companies have been asking us:

  1. How can fitness and wellness services be delivered to all employees in the organization?  
  2. How can fitness and wellness services cultivate social connection among all employees, including those who are working remotely?
  3. How can fitness and wellness services contribute to resilience and productivity?   

In answer to these questions, LIV North has created Optimal – Your Corporate Gym Online! 

Currently over 150,000 employees across Canada, from over 27 corporations, are accessing our virtual services daily, with numbers growing monthly. In the new office environment Optimal is an excellent tool to maximize productivity amongst all employees and create community across your company.. Our contests, challenges can be tailored to your company and results tracked to monitor activity in broad strokes to provide continued opportunity for improvement. 

Why LIV North?  Our years of experience and the experiences we deliver.  In managing fitness facilities and onsite wellness programs for over 40 years, LIV North realizes that  improving the health of individual employees contributes to the healthy culture that organizations seek. We saw the opportunity to take our physical on-site programming and translate it digitally into a platform offering live and on-demand programming from our expert team.

What separates LIV North from other online fitness offerings?  

  • We are more than a content provider.  A successful online fitness & wellness program needs to be managed much in the same way that a physical fitness centre does.  As your partner, we build a program plan that is managed against clear defined and measured goals that align with your organization.  
  • We are people led and people driven.  While we deliver Optimal services on a virtual platform, we recognize that our success comes from our dedicated team of experienced fitness professionals delivering fresh programs daily. 
  • All programs are delivered with a focus on increasing social connection.
  • We have programming options for everyone: novice exercisers to fitness veterans, those seeking  mindfulness meditation to high intensity class enthusiasts.  

Our core programming includes: 

  • Live streaming mindfulness & fitness sessions
  • Goal specific fitness programming
  • Wellness and educational workshops/series
  • Motivating monthly and quarterly challenges
  • Personal, small group and nutrition coaching
  • And more!

To learn more about LIV North’s Virtual Services and how they can benefit your organization, contact or visit us online

To learn more about workplace wellness trends in 2021, click here to download our e-book Virtual Wellness: a virtual solution for a virtual world!

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