LIV North Fitness Management Wraps Up Nationwide Amazing Race Challenge

With COVID numbers rising across the country, the LIV North Fitness Management team set out to plan a fun, engaging and completely virtual challenge. Understanding the effects of lockdowns and working remotely helped the team to plan a challenge that was not only fun but would also help participants lower stress levels, increase physical activity, and improve productivity. Being that Spring was arriving, the team also planned for many outdoor options.

A registration fee was charged to enter the race – ½ of which was used for prizes and the other ½ was slated for donation to the winning teams charity of choice (which was selected at registration).  

One essential part to the planning was gamification – the process of applying game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts.  We add these elements to any challenge or program we run as this makes the entire event more motivating, engaging and successful!

Following the guiding principles of the Amazing Race television show, participants were provided with one ‘envelope’ at a time with the details about that leg of the race.  Starting in Vancouver, BC, they completed area based challenges, with time sensitive detours and roadblocks thrown their way.  After Vancouver, our teams headed to Edmonton AB, Toronto, ON and Halifax, NS.  Along the way each team member completed over 115 km in distance as well as a variety of mindfulness, healthy eating and plain old fun activities, submitting proof and trying to climb the standings with each leg.

When all was said and done, 63 teams from 9 different LIV North managed facilities across the country ended their adventure in Halifax, NS.  

Overall, 126 people made a positive impact on their health and wellbeing over the 4 week challenge.  The Breast Cancer Society of Canada will be receiving a donation on behalf of the winning team, helping to positively impact even more lives.

To celebrate the following video was put together to highlight some of the challenges and fun the participants had along the way.

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